Making Changes to Your Website

A Content Management System is what a website provider or SEO company would use to make changes to your website.  The CMS allows us to add content, pictures, metadata, and make other changes.  Without a CMS, your website would be static indefinitely.

The CMS becomes a concern if you want to change website providers.  If you are not receiving the service you expect and want to move your website to a different provider, there are couple of steps involved.  First, you need to make a copy of your website to be hosted on their server (or yours).  This is relatively easy as long as you own the website and its content.  The second step is connecting a CMS to the website that has been moved.  There are as many different CMS's as there are providers.  Hooking up the CMS is a technical process that could cost anywhere from several hundred dollars to nearly $1,500. 

If you make a copy of your website and do not incorporate it with a CMS it would be like moving your TV into another room and not hooking up cable.  You would have a TV that you could turn on, but you wouldn't receive any content from the cable company.

If you are unhappy with your current website provider we can transfer your website to our servers and get you up an running within a couple of days.

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