Helpful SEO Analogies

We understand that Search Engine Optimization can be confusing.  We have written several analogies to help you understand what search engines deem as "good" SEO.  Remember, you are not trying to trick the search engines, but instead you want to give them exactly what they want. 

Search engines want:

  • Relevant, custom content
  • Easy-to-navigate websites
  • Clean, easy-to-read HTML code

Relevant and custom content is informative.  It adds substance to the Internet, which is simply a collection of information.  By participating in this process of adding content, you will be rewarded when someone searches for information you have posted.

Search engines understand that people will be easily frustrated if your website is not easy to navigate.  Is information labeled properly?  Do all of your links work?  Is it easy to get to all of your pages from a single page?

Search engines scour the internet looking for new information.  If your HTML code is messy or unnecessary, it may cause the search engine to spend more time on your site than it's worth.  If you have a properly built website, it will be easy for the search engines to read and index.