Why Attorneys Should Have a Facebook Page

In order to understand why you need a business page on Facebook, you need to understand how it works now and how Facebook will work in the near future.  

Currently, most people use search engines like Google and Yahoo to find information.  Each search engine has its' own, complex algorithm that determines which web page to present to a searcher depending on the keywords used in their search.  No one knows all of the criteria that search engines use, but it safe to say that they do use many of the following:

  • Keywords in the URL
  • Age of the URL
  • How often the website is updated
  • The number and quality of relevant inbound links
  • Where your IP address is physically located (your search for pizza yields different results for someone who does the exact same search in NY)

Search engines have become "smart" and are able to deliver very relevant searches, but what do they really know about you?  Do they know you as well as your brother, your high school friend, or your work colleague?  Facebook is banking on the fact that the search engines don't.  Facebook thinks you would rather have your "friends" suggest the best restaurant than a really smart computer. 

How a Facebook Search Engine Will Work

Facebook as a search engine all stems around the "Like" button.  The like button is on all business pages and if you click on it, you are telling all of your friends that you like a certain business.  For arguments sake, let's say that the average person has 100 "friends" in their Facebook account.  Now let's say your business has 100 "Likes."  That means 10,000 people are connected to you through the Facebook portal.  If someone searches on Facebook to find a "Class Action Attorney" they will be presented with results of businesses that any of their friends have "Liked."

It's very similar to LinkedIn and their system of linking peoples profiles together based on people "accepting" to be part of each others network.  The difference is, Facebook can deliver you results of things that your "friends" like and Goolge runs a program providing your results based on their algorithm.

How Many Clients Will You Get From Facebook?

As you may have suspected, there is no answer to this question.  At least not a credible one.  The truth is in the beginning you may not receive any.  But, if the Internet rewards anything it's early adopters.  Ask an attorney who set up a website in 2001 how well they do compared to one who set up their site in 2011.  Getting in early will allow you to build up your "Likes" so that when this form of searching does take off you're already there to reap the benefits.

Build a Custom Facebook Page for Your Law Firm

If you would like to set up a custom Facebook page on Facebook's business section, give us a call.  We can incorporate your branding, build you an intake form, feed your blog into the "Wall" section of your profile and much more.

CAALA members receive a discount up until May 31st, 2011.

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