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Lawyers Adopting Social Media Strategies

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Legal marketing has changed over the years. With the rise of social media, law firms now seek the attention of clients via tweets, videos, blogposts, and other online content. 

As an attorney, you may already have a Facebook or Twitter account. Perhaps you use them to connect with friends and family. However, social media offers more. 

By building social networks, you can attract new clients, keep your knowledge up to date, and connect with peers. Leading lawyers use social media to remain relevant as well as to market to other people who chose to remain relevant. 

Social media marketing offers advantages such as: 

Cost. According to a 2009 Bloomberg post, corporate lawyers’ use of social networking is growing. Some are even using LinkedIn to connect with other professionals around the world. And all it cost them is the time it takes to set up a free profile and start networking. 

Access. Online marketing means reaching a wider audience with your message – right now. No more waiting for ad development, printing, and publication. You can build a following with your blog, discuss helpful topics with colleagues via LinkedIn, pinpoint where ideal clients hang out online, and monitor your brand and reputation through feedback and review sites. 

Networking. This is what social media is all about. Building online relationships with potential clients, peers and colleagues, and people of influence allows you to promote yourself and your practice. In so doing, you can share your legal expertise and gain credibility. Recognition in your field may lead to other opportunities such as speaking engagements, consulting requests, and more. 

And if all this isn’t enough, there are specialty social media websites designed just for lawyers, such as

Putting social media to good use is a matter of taking the time and making the effort. For some good tips on how to get started, check out this 2010 Mashable post, “How Lawyers Are Using Social Media for Real Results.” 

For more information on social media, social networking, website design, and other internet marketing services for lawyers, contact us. We’re here to help. 


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