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Law Firm Websites: Important Content Marketing Tips to Appeal to Readers

Thursday, May 16, 2013

For law firm websites, competition can be frustrating.  Your competitors might already have a leg up on you in terms of content marketing, where people looking for advice could read an informative post – and then pick up the phone.

Whether or not this is the case, the opportunity is there.  You can obtain more business through SEO, social media, and other outlets.  And it all starts with content marketing.

In a recent look at content marketing tips from Sarah Schager, her team offers some insightful tips that can help your law firm take advantage of content marketing:

  • Consistency: Aim to produce content that is relevant and valuable.  This creates loyalty, a brand voice, and puts you in a position as an expert. 

  • Use Media that is Shareable: Infographics and videos are perfect for sharing via social media.  This tip from Erin Pritchard relates the value of media – where it can merge with the content to provide value.

  • It Should be Data-Driven: What are your prospective clients searching for?  What location(s) are relevant to searchers?  This data can help your law firm find the appropriate key words.

  • Use a Content Calendar: Find a posting schedule that works for your law firm.  This type of tool can help you keep everything ordered and make changes as needed, such as not having similar posts too close together.

These and other presented tips can easily carry over to a law firm blog, as seen in the previous selection.  With these strategies, your firm can reach prospective clients that are searching for the right content – or ultimately, the right legal counsel.

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