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I Never Get Any Clients From The Internet

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I have heard a lot of attorneys who have websites tell me that they never get any clients from their website.  Even if they do get a call that originated online it is normally "not a very good client".  I am not surprised at all to hear this.  There is a very simple explanation to why this happens. 

Attorneys who do not believe that they can get clients from the internet don't invest much time or money into having a good web presence.  So even if they have a website, it performs very poorly in web searches.  They are lucky if they show up when someone types in their name.  That means if someone is doing a practice area specific search, they have no chance of landing on their site.  It's pretty obvious why they don't get any clients.  They are so far down on the list that most potential clients never find them and the ones who do have been turned down by all of the attorneys above them.

The internet isn't like other advertising mediums.  There comes a tipping point when the flood gates open.  If you move from page 5 to page 1 of the search results, you will get phone calls..  Law firms that show up on the first page for practice area searches are DEFINITELY getting clients from their website.  A lot of them are paying thousands of dollars every month to make sure they don't loose that advantage.  They are more than happy that you think clients don't look for attorneys online.


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