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What Does Google Penguin Mean to Your Law Firm

Monday, July 23, 2012

Google Penguin is an algorithm update that was initiated back in April.  The main focus of the update was to discredit "bad" links to sites.  So, if you were participating in building links to your site (yourself or through your SEO company) you may have been negatively affected.  Some sites lost major ranking and big offenders may have been blacklisted. 

The update was suppose to strip credit for bad links but not affect good sites that may have had some of those same links.  The theory behind that is to eliminate people from buying these worthless links and pointing them at their competitors sites.  There is still some debate on whether sites can be negatively damaged by these bad links or if they are just no longer getting credit for them.

Google Penguin has prompted some attorneys to look into more credible SEO companies for their optimization.  Just like a day trader that gets bit by a couple bad stock purchases, an event like this can expose that fact that you may be better off practicing law than optimizing your own website.


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