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Omnipresent SEO can help you establish your business online and bring in a consistent stream of customers. We understand that not all businesses are in a place where they can afford our services, so we'd like to offer some help to get you started. Given the current economy, a little bit of online expertise can go a long way.

There are plenty of different online resources you can use to let your customers know you exist.  The key is to know which ones are relevant and well respected.  Spending 10 minutes entering your information into one directory could land you a new customer every week, but that same 10 minutes could be a complete waste of time in another directory. 

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Online Reputation Management

Do you know what someone is going to find when they search for you or your business online?  Is it good news?  Is it accurate?  There are many websites and directories for you to list your business in so that people can find out who you are. 

Use These Free Resources to Give Yourself a Chance to be Found

Paying to Play

There are many different directories out there, so it is difficult to provide a comprehensive list of which ones will work for you.  Try searching for your type of services online and see what shows up on the first page of the search results.  If you are a family law attorney in Denver, Colorado and you do a search for a "Divorce Attorney Denver," you may find a directory by FindLaw.  If FindLaw is showing up on the first page, and you are not, it may be a good investment to list yourself in their directory. 

Don't just buy a listing in a directory because someone tells you that they work.  Do the research yourself.  Search as if you're a potential customer and see who is actually showing up.  Use different search engines and different search terms.  For example, if you sell flowers in Phoenix, try searching for "flowers phoenix" or "roses phoenix" or "phoenix flower arrangements." If you find a website or directory that comes up consistently, a listing there may be a good investment for you.

Website Tools

Google Analytics:  Analysis of your website traffic straight from Google

Google Webmaster Tools:  Control how your website if viewed by Google

StatCounter:  A free, invisible, and valuable tool that analyzes your websites stats

Duplicate Content:  A free tool that lets you analyze two web pages to discover if they are too similar.

Clicktale:  Getting traffic but not clients?  Get insight into what your visitors are doing when they visit your site.

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